Hemp Seed Butter

Howdy Hemp makes a nutritious seed butter made of hemp seeds and almond oil. Our seed butter is a wholesome spread loaded with Omega-3, highly digestible protein, magnesium, and no sugar. Our hemp seed butter is excellent with snacks and fruits, in smoothies or simply by itself.

Cacao Hemp Seed Spread

Our cacao hemp seed spread is a chocolate spread. The flavor starts off nutty and earthy, transitions to a mildly sweet cacao flavor and finishes with a spot of salt. A one ounce serving of my spread packs 7 grams of highly digestible protein and has only 3 grams of sugar, while an equal serving of Nutella packs almost 16 grams of sugar and only has a little more than 2 grams of protein. My cacao hemp seed spread is grain free and does not contain soy or dairy. I exclusively sell at the Mueller farmers’ market and online.